Enetscores Live Action Map

Web Widget ○ Enetpulse ○ 2017 - 2018

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Sofia, Bulgaria

My Role:
UX/UI Expert

8 weeks (2018)

Enetscores is part of the Enetpulse family. The service proves fully customizable sports betting widgets for different sports.

The action map can be used as a stand-alone addition or as a feature in an Enetscores Widget solution. No matter how you want to use it, the action map provides your users with an incredible alternative to watching games live. See how it looks:

Enetscores Live Action Map

The Live-Action Map provides real-time action data from games and tournaments. The different animations on the map & visualizations are carefully selected to give the best experience to the user. Every different action is presented with a specific icon & comment depending on the event happening.

Action Map icons Set

In addition to the fully customizable features, the widgets are also responsive and accessible from every device and on every browser.

Enjoy this promotion video from one of our marketing campaigns: